Pool Renovations

Making Your Dreams Of a New Pool Come True

Mazariegos Brothers General Construction, Inc. of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, we've spent years working our magic with older pools. From the start, we promised a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all pool repair jobs. Your dream pool can become a reality! If you are not happy with how your pool looks now, let us give you a renovation estimate. 



Pool Deck 

Replacing your pool deck can have the most dramatic effect on your pool and patio perhaps on your entire backyard. Mazariegos Brothers is specialized in all type of pool decks. For example, concrete, paver, flagstone, travitinie and many other kinds of decks. Make a chance on you pool deck can drastically change your planned pool design We can help you make the right decision for your pool.




Pool Maintenance Systems

Use the right maintenance system for the size of your pool is very important. Our team can help you evaluate your equipment options and then custom tailor your choices. Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to maintaining and caring for your pool. 



Coping & Tile 

Pool coping and Tile is the material that surrounds the pool, and it serves multiple functions. Besides being necessary, coping and tile can add a beautiful touch to your pool or spa perimeter. Let us make your pool look amazing, by replacing or reseting broken or loose coping stones and/nor tile band. Mazariegos Brothers offers a large variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs. Always thinking of making your pool look and feel like new. 




Also called whitecoat or marcite, plaster is the underwater coating that provides the watertight seal to keep your pool water at the correct level. Call our skilled team to plaster your pool, replacing aged, cracked material with a smooth new surface available in different colors and finishes.